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Natural noise barrier


The aim is to reduce the noise nuisance for the residential area, while helping to boost the growth of the bee population.

Farm Frites in Oudenhoorn has constructed a nature-friendly noise barrier between the Farm Frites factory site, the Vlotbrug sporting complex and the Kooistee residential area. The noise barrier was sown and planted in October 2019 and is around 500 metres long, 7 metres high and 12 metres wide. The soil used in the noise barrier consists of soil residues that come along with the delivered potatoes.
The decline of the bee population has disastrous consequences for both agriculture and nature. Farm Frites sought advice from the Green Circles Bee Help Desk on the design of the barrier. Among other things, the Green Circles Bee Help Desk suggested sowing the barrier with herb-rich grassland seeds and ensuring that there would be a long period during which plants would be flowering. The aim is for the noise barrier to become a home for wild bees, bumblebees, hoverflies, butterflies, birds and small mammals and amphibians. The sound barrier is one link in the development of an extensive South Holland bee landscape.




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Rutger de Kort

Sustainability Manager Farm Frites International B.V.