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Living nature wall


Bees play an indispensable role in nature. The current decline in bee numbers therefore has catastrophic repercussions for agriculture and nature. Potatoes are the most important raw material for Farm Frites’ end products. A healthy natural world is essential to potatoes growing well. This is why Farm Frites also wants to contribute to the growth of biodiversity and bee numbers via the Green Circles Sustainable French Fries Chain. 

Wild bees, bumblebees, hoverflies, butterflies, birds and small mammals and amphibians: they all gravitate towards wild pastures filled with blooming flowers. These – and an insect hotel – were therefore also the ingredients for the living nature wall between the Farm Frites production site, a nearby sports complex and residential area. It means that local residents can now enjoy greater peace and quiet and are less disturbed by noise, while nature is able to thrive again.

The nature wall built on the site in 2019 is five hundred metres long, seven metres high and twelve metres across and was constructed using residual soil from the potato harvest. Green Circles and the Bee Landscape Help Desk advised us on the structure of the wall, which now forms a new link in the development of a broader South Holland bee landscape. Several different types of bees already make use of the bee wall.




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Hens Gunneman

Senior Agronomist / Sustainability Manager Farm Frites International B.V.