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Living Lab Alblasserwaard


Together with the Green Circle Cheese and Subsidence parties, the Living Lab Alblasserwaard answers the scientific questions (ecological, economic and social) and mobilises the knowledge necessary for achieving the ambition and strengthening biodiversity. This project takes a co-creative approach, in which all of the parties involved collaborate on matters such as methods for increasing biodiversity, developing indicators and monitoring, and so on. This leads to new scientific insights in ecological, social and economic areas, as well as social breakthroughs in cooperation and regional approaches.

Funded by the NWO-NWA (National Science Agenda), in partnership with the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration:

NWO funds three living labs for biodiversity restoration in rural areas (Dutch)

Joining forces for biodiversity – Delta Labs (Dutch)


More information:

Delta Labs launch report and video (Dutch)





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