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Sustainable French Fries Chain partnership extended

23 mei 2022

Since March 2019, the province of South Holland, Wageningen Environmental Research, HAS University of Applied Sciences and french fries manufacturer Farm Frites have worked together in the Green Circles Sustainable French Fries Chain. The results of the past three years gave the parties good reason to continue on the same sound footing. This led to the partners signing the Green Circles Sustainable French Fries Chain agreement on 19 May 2022.

Ondertekening convenant Duurzame Fritesketen
The board members have placed their expectations in a time capsule, so that they can compare these to the achieved results in three years’ time.


Green Circle Sustainable French Fries Chain 

The agricultural sector, nature and environmental quality are all under severe pressure. Major social challenges relating to sustainability, climate change, the circular economy and globalisation demand new solutions and cooperation between the market, government, science and education. Within the Green Circles Sustainable French Fries Chain the partners are striving to reduce greenhouse gases, stimulate sustainable energy, make mobility and logistics more sustainable, promote biodiversity and healthy soil that contains sufficient organic matter. They are doing this by working together openly and on an equal footing with the entire chain and the surrounding area.  


Improved living environment and greater biodiversity

The partners are committed to applying sustainable solutions that bring nature and the economy more into balance with each other and actively contribute to a better living environment, circular economy and healthy future. The partners have spent the past three years working in accordance with the Green Circles method and have accomplished sound results with it. 


Green projects in 2019 - 2022


Living nature wall

Farm Frites has made its production site greener by constructing a 500-metre living nature wall. This wall strengthens biodiversity and is a healthy place for employees to enjoy a walk.


Biodiverse agriculture

This project focuses on collaboration between agriculture (field margins) and public green spaces in order to strengthen biodiversity and landscape quality in the South Holland Delta.


“It’s wonderful to work simultaneously with a variety of partners on a range of sustainability issues around a single company. This yields practical solutions for the company and the surrounding area, as well as providing inspiration to others. It’s positive that we will now continue and can build on this further together.”

Meindert Stolk, member of the Provincial Executive



New challenges from 2022

The partners share the dream of developing a sustainable chain, with the aim of creating a better living environment, healthier soil and sustainable energy, logistics and production - with a global impact. To this end the partners want to work on aspects such as climate-adaptive soil, a natural production system and the circulation of residual streams. The programme for the next three years contains a new set of challenges, such as looking into a logistics corridor along the route from the production location in Oudenhoorn to the port of Rotterdam in order to make transport even more sustainable. The development of new revenue models is also on the wish list, both for sustainable demand within the company’s own chain and for agriculture and biodiversity in the surrounding area. Onwards towards a sustainable french fries chain!