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More biodiverse agriculture and public green space on the South Holland islands

17 november 2021

On Voorne Putten, Goeree Overflakkee and the Island of Dordrecht, the province is going to collaborate with the Green Circle Sustainable French Fries Chain, growers on the islands of South Holland, the Hollandse Delta Water Board, Wageningen Environmental Research and Farm Frites on increasing biodiversity in agriculture and public green spaces. This will strengthen nature and contribute to vital agriculture in the area.

Increasing the natural field margins and public green spaces attracts insects that provide natural pest regulation in agriculture. In addition, year-round food and shelter for animals and plants boosts the area’s natural value and reduces the leaching of nutrients into surface waters. Increased populations of underground organisms create healthier soil, and the landscape above ground becomes more attractive for activities such as walking and cycling.


Collaboration between land managers and farmers essential

In recent months, opportunities and challenges in the management of field margins and public green spaces have been examined together with stakeholders on the three South Holland islands. Different mixtures have been sown on site for varying purposes, including nature, recreation and pest control. The project will take further shape in the coming period, and will focus on the coordination, planning and development of field margins and public green spaces in the area. Collaboration between farmers and public green space managers from municipalities, water boards and provinces is essential for this. Further research is also being undertaken with the aim of developing tools such as a biodiversity map and biodiversity app.


IBP Vital Countryside Southwest Delta

The project commences within the framework of the Intergovernmental Programme (IBP) for the Southwest Delta and will be carried out in cooperation with the Green Circle Sustainable French Fries Chain, Green Circle Circular Sugar Beet Chain and Bee Landscape (Bijenlandschap) West Brabant. The other pilots are taking place in the Steenbergen area of North Brabant and at several locations in Zeeland. The Southwest Delta is one of the 15 areas in the Intergovernmental Programme for a Vital Countryside (IBP VP). The national government, provinces, municipalities and water boards have united to work as a single government on an economically vital, liveable and ecologically sustainable countryside. The programme organises activities such as regional networking and knowledge meetings and works on regional opportunity maps.