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The Green Circles method

How is our approach unique?

How do you collaborate on major social sustainability challenges with parties that have interests different to yours, but who also need your help in moving forward? Green Circles provides a method for this. Influential companies together with government bodies and knowledge institutions pursue a common dream in accordance with three principles:

  1. every participant adds something to the alliance,
  2. as a result the whole alliance moves forward, and
  3. every participant benefits individually.

Recently, valuable lessons have been learned within Green Circles with respect to realising sustainability in collaborations between government bodies, industry and science. The Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB) investigated the method and wrote an essay about it.

NSOB on the method:

“This practice of self-directed and radical progress towards sustainability on the part of private and social parties contrasts sharply with the frequent ‘accords’ concluded in recent years that often lead to sustainability efforts that are limited in their speed and depth. (...) Green Circles is therefore an interesting way of broadening the scope and thereby accelerating sustainability.”