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Together towards sustainability in the Netherlands

Green Circles is an extensive network consisting of innovative businesses, knowledge institutions, government bodies and social organisations. The partners work together towards realising sustainability solutions in which nature plays an important role. In this way, we not only bring nature and the economy into a better balance, we also contribute actively to a better living environment, a circular economy and a healthy future.

Why Green Circles?

There are huge challenges ahead for us. Climate change, a growing world population and the depletion of raw materials mean that we face a number of tasks with respect to making transitions in the areas of energy, food, sustainable alternatives and a circular economy. These tasks cannot be solved alone, and this is the reason that the Green Circles partners are joining forces. Based on their own strategic and other interests, each partner provides knowledge and expertise for the creation of innovative solutions that contribute to Green Circles' ambitions.

Sustainable, closed cycles

From dreams to sustainable plans

The Green Circles partners gather knowledge, innovate through experimentation, and initiate sustainability projects together. We do this step by step, circle by circle. This enables the Green Circles network to grow steadily, creating societal support. We inspire and complement each other in the development of new revenue models, making our dreams for a sustainable society come true. In this, we are guided by both our passion and a carefully formulated plan, thanks to our Green Circles method.

Watch our short clip about how dreaming together works:

The power of Green Circles

  • we develop sustainable circles and harness the power of nature
  • we work on the basis of a shared vision and equality
  • we acquire scientific and other knowledge and share that knowledge
  • we innovate, develop new markets and inspire each other
  • we create societal support for our projects

Watch our short clip about the partnership:

The Green Circles

Green Circles HEINEKEN

A clean, climate-neutral and climate-proof HEINEKEN brewery in a climate-neutral chain, a sustainable economy and a pleasant living environment.

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Circular Sugar Beet Chain

Several participants in the sugar beet chain, namely Cosun Beet Company, the province of North Brabant and Naturalis Biodiversity Center, are working together to build a circular society with nature as a partner. Together with transition coaches, we are actively working on team development and the process towards realising our joint ambitions.

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Sustainable French Fries Chain

Farm Frites, the province of South Holland, HAS University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University and Research are working together within the Green Circles Sustainable French Fries Chain to create a sustainable and vital french fries chain. Among other things, we aim for a better living environment, healthier soil and sustainable energy, logistics and production processes. With global impact.

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Cheese and Soil Subsidence

Zuivelfabriek de Graafstroom, a dairy factory, is located in Bleskensgraaf. Together with the province of South Holland, Deltamilk, Rabobank, Waterschap Rivierenland and Wageningen University & Research, we want to combat the subsidence of our peat meadow region and increase biodiversity, in order to achieve future-proof agriculture.

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Bee Landscape

We provide a bee-friendly environment in, and together with, South Holland municipalities, residents, businesses and other organisations. We do this by offering wild bees more food and nesting opportunities, making the landscape more attractive and colourful, and by being careful with the use of chemicals.

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Green & Healthy City

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Naturalis, Wageningen University & Research, the municipalities of Dordrecht and Leiden, Staatsbosbeheer, IVN Natuureducatie , Alles is Gezondheid, GGD Haaglanden and the province of South Holland have entered into an agreement to green the cities of South Holland in order to improve health, biodiversity and climate adaptation.

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